What is your biggest addiction?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 4

I had an extremely productive day and only a so so eating/working out day. It is much harder then I thought to give up this vice and I've had thoughts of giving up several times... but regardless my efforts not to drink it are causing me to drink much much more water then I had been and this is great! I honestly can't get enough and have to refill my britta a couple times a day. I used to drink maybe one glass a day so this alone is a great improvement if nothing else has changed.
I got to the gym tonight but my energy was low because I had been busting my tail all day and I met with extremely fussy tired children afterward. This made me feel guilty for dragging them to the gym at 7:30.
Now I don't feel like doing much of anything so I'm glad I cooked a nice meal before I went. I had bought a nice big salad to eat and when I opened it it smelled horrible and was rotten (I bought it yesterday). Nothing makes me more annoyed then throwing away money on food that was rotten before I got it! So leafy green attempt was a fail and I had some chocolate chip banana bread for dessert (that I regret majorly).

Impulse to drink it: Super High (I gave in once)
Cravings for fattening food: High
Headaches: Don't remember having one
Daily Allowance of Water: Yes
Vitamins: Yes