What is your biggest addiction?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 4

I had an extremely productive day and only a so so eating/working out day. It is much harder then I thought to give up this vice and I've had thoughts of giving up several times... but regardless my efforts not to drink it are causing me to drink much much more water then I had been and this is great! I honestly can't get enough and have to refill my britta a couple times a day. I used to drink maybe one glass a day so this alone is a great improvement if nothing else has changed.
I got to the gym tonight but my energy was low because I had been busting my tail all day and I met with extremely fussy tired children afterward. This made me feel guilty for dragging them to the gym at 7:30.
Now I don't feel like doing much of anything so I'm glad I cooked a nice meal before I went. I had bought a nice big salad to eat and when I opened it it smelled horrible and was rotten (I bought it yesterday). Nothing makes me more annoyed then throwing away money on food that was rotten before I got it! So leafy green attempt was a fail and I had some chocolate chip banana bread for dessert (that I regret majorly).

Impulse to drink it: Super High (I gave in once)
Cravings for fattening food: High
Headaches: Don't remember having one
Daily Allowance of Water: Yes
Vitamins: Yes

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 3

Today was a total failure! It is really depressing but all I can do is start over tomorrow. I overate, drank one diet coke, and didn't make it to the gym. However I got my work done, took my kids to the dentist, studied my bible and study material in depth, and went to a meeting to take in spiritual food. My kids were happy and my house is clean(er) but I ate miserably and feel fat. Somedays you just don't have it all together...
I am happy to report that I did drink lots of water (even though it was in between my cinnamon rolls in banana bread). Tomorrow is a new day. I need to choke down those vitamins first thing.. wish me luck!

<------ My downfall today :(

Impulse to drink it: Super High (I gave in once)
Cravings for fattening food: Very High
Headaches: Woke up with a migraine (same one I went to bed with) but was gone by 10am
Daily Allowance of Water: Yes
Vitamins: No

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 2

Today has proven harder then yesterday. I was fine for breakfast with my peanut butter graham cracker and water but by 10am I was fiening for my favorite drink. I literally was fantasizing about it! The problem is I never drink it alone, it's always about how good it taste with chocolate, or pizza, or popcorn or a burger- all things I need to be avoiding anyways. It makes me sad eating those things without a diet coke so it will be easier for me to avoid them now. Even thinking about where I wanted to eat with my boyfriend this weekend is being affected because I don't want to eat certain foods if I can't have it with dc! Guess I have more of a problem then I thought...
I ate a cashew larabar for snack with water and was still hungry (or thirsty) so I just sipped on some water and told myself I can make it to lunch. I did and had my left over veggies, potatoes, and tuna and they were even better the second day!
The cravings continued all day... really bad. I had coconut shrimp for dinner around 5 and after the gym I was hungry again so I had another slice of my organic spinach pizza.
I have almost caved in minimum 5 times today! The only difference in today and yesterday was I didn't take my vitamins and I think that was my downfall. I'll be back on them tomorrow and pray for a better day!

Impulse to drink it: High
Cravings for fattening food: Super High
Headaches: Moderate throughout the day, especially bad at night
Daily Allowance of Water: Yes
Vitamins: No

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 1

I woke up and ate peanut butter on a graham cracker, perfect pairing? A diet coke. I resisted and had a big glass of water and 7 of my vitamins. Hated it but I felt good!
I didn't snack until lunch (usually extremely hard for me). I decided to have organic spinach pizza and almost cracked open a diet coke, like I always do with pizza. I felt sad knowing I could only have my humble H2O. I did notice my cravings were almost non existent though and the more water I drank the thirstier I became for more. I can't get enough!
It felt like I spent half the day peeing but I'm hoping it's water weight I'm shedding after probably months of dehydration!.
Dinner was veggies, red potatoes, and tuna and I could taste the food so good with nothing but my water to wash it down.
Early dinner called for a snack later on. I had a cashew cookie larabar with some black tea.

Impulse to drink it: High
Cravings for fattening food: Much Lower
Headaches: Dull Ache
Daily Allowance of Water: Yes
Vitamins: Yes

A Starting Point

Hello, my name is Hannah, and I am an addict.
My obsessions vary from harmless, to bizarre, and some, like my diet coke addiction, are unhealthy. I hate the feeling that I'm not in control of my cravings/impulses and when I feel myself doing something complusively I set out to kick it before it gets too serious.
I've been addicted to flossing, exercising, apps on my iPhone, facebook and a variety of other things. But I have more addictions to food then anything else by far.
Right now I'm obsessing about pistachios, sugar free red bull, peanut butter, and chocolate. But my biggest concern is kicking my diet soda addiction. It has been a 10+ year struggle, and truthfully, I think that a glass now and then is okay. But right now I've been noticing I'm craving it all the time and have started replaced it with almost all other beverages that I drink, including water. Drinking it makes me want fattening food and feel hungry and out of control of my eating. Not to mention all the studies about the toll it can take on your body. The chemicals and additives in diet sodas have been linked to headaches and migraines which I suffer from almost daily. I have more then enough reason to try to kick this once and for all!