What is your biggest addiction?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 2

Today has proven harder then yesterday. I was fine for breakfast with my peanut butter graham cracker and water but by 10am I was fiening for my favorite drink. I literally was fantasizing about it! The problem is I never drink it alone, it's always about how good it taste with chocolate, or pizza, or popcorn or a burger- all things I need to be avoiding anyways. It makes me sad eating those things without a diet coke so it will be easier for me to avoid them now. Even thinking about where I wanted to eat with my boyfriend this weekend is being affected because I don't want to eat certain foods if I can't have it with dc! Guess I have more of a problem then I thought...
I ate a cashew larabar for snack with water and was still hungry (or thirsty) so I just sipped on some water and told myself I can make it to lunch. I did and had my left over veggies, potatoes, and tuna and they were even better the second day!
The cravings continued all day... really bad. I had coconut shrimp for dinner around 5 and after the gym I was hungry again so I had another slice of my organic spinach pizza.
I have almost caved in minimum 5 times today! The only difference in today and yesterday was I didn't take my vitamins and I think that was my downfall. I'll be back on them tomorrow and pray for a better day!

Impulse to drink it: High
Cravings for fattening food: Super High
Headaches: Moderate throughout the day, especially bad at night
Daily Allowance of Water: Yes
Vitamins: No

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