What is your biggest addiction?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 1

I woke up and ate peanut butter on a graham cracker, perfect pairing? A diet coke. I resisted and had a big glass of water and 7 of my vitamins. Hated it but I felt good!
I didn't snack until lunch (usually extremely hard for me). I decided to have organic spinach pizza and almost cracked open a diet coke, like I always do with pizza. I felt sad knowing I could only have my humble H2O. I did notice my cravings were almost non existent though and the more water I drank the thirstier I became for more. I can't get enough!
It felt like I spent half the day peeing but I'm hoping it's water weight I'm shedding after probably months of dehydration!.
Dinner was veggies, red potatoes, and tuna and I could taste the food so good with nothing but my water to wash it down.
Early dinner called for a snack later on. I had a cashew cookie larabar with some black tea.

Impulse to drink it: High
Cravings for fattening food: Much Lower
Headaches: Dull Ache
Daily Allowance of Water: Yes
Vitamins: Yes

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