What is your biggest addiction?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 3

Today was a total failure! It is really depressing but all I can do is start over tomorrow. I overate, drank one diet coke, and didn't make it to the gym. However I got my work done, took my kids to the dentist, studied my bible and study material in depth, and went to a meeting to take in spiritual food. My kids were happy and my house is clean(er) but I ate miserably and feel fat. Somedays you just don't have it all together...
I am happy to report that I did drink lots of water (even though it was in between my cinnamon rolls in banana bread). Tomorrow is a new day. I need to choke down those vitamins first thing.. wish me luck!

<------ My downfall today :(

Impulse to drink it: Super High (I gave in once)
Cravings for fattening food: Very High
Headaches: Woke up with a migraine (same one I went to bed with) but was gone by 10am
Daily Allowance of Water: Yes
Vitamins: No

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